Associazione Amici dei Musei e Monumenti Veneziani

The Association “has the aim to propose and adopt all initiatives supporting knowledge, protection, promotion and enhancement of the collections of Museums and Monuments of Venice and its Region” (art. 2 of the Statute dated 20 February 2015), and is addressing members, young people, students and citizens as a whole.

 It is organized into operating sections each one dealing with specific cultural activities coordinated by the Secretariat. The Trips and Cultural Events Section schedules visits and cultural trips to museums and monuments, public and private collections and exhibitions; it promotes conferences and cultural events; it is in charge of publications on art and history. The Education Section has the aim of introducing groups and schools of all levels to culture, offering free guided tours led by volunteers. The Restoration Section promotes funding campaigns aimed to restore the artistic heritage of Venice.

 It is open to all persons who wish to learn about art, history and traditions of the Venice region. To join cultural activities you simply fill out a form and pay the fee.

Prossima attività

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