The Association was born from the idea, quite new at the time, of a group of Venetian Friends to create a cultural project with “the purpose of suggesting and adopting any initiative designed to promote knowledge and appreciation of the collections of Venetian Museums and Monuments ” (Art. 2 of the first Statute).

Formally established on 2 December 1975, it was presented at the Ateneo Veneto on 18 March 1976 obtaining immediate approval also because of its non-partisan and voluntary nature.
The Association welcomed, since its beginning,  Members coming not only from Venice and its province, but also from other Italian towns, offering the opportunity to participate in its initiatives to those who were in Venice only during certain periods of the year.

At the time, it was favored by the uniqueness of the cultural services offered and by the support and collaboration of various public and private bodies, so the number of its members increased becoming shortly more than one thousand.
Even today, the Association identifies with its founding ideals and continues to be present as a town cultural reference.