The Cultural Trips and Events Section organizes quarterly several exhaustive and detailed offers, such as guided tours, art walks, cultural trips in Italy and abroad, in order to meet the needs of knowledge of artistic, historical, cultural, national and international heritage. The tours include exclusive visits to private or rarely visible places, villas, castles, archaeological parks, abbeys and monasteries, museums and libraries. Participants, joining as members, are always accompanied by specialized guides or trained volunteers who guide them during planned visits.

Being planned

Data: 20/01/2016
Luogo incontro: Palazzo Reale

Al mattino visita guidata alla mostra Da Raffaello a Schiele, con opere di Tintoretto, Raffaello, Velasquez, Goya, Cézanne e Schiele prestate al Palazzo Reale dal Museo di Belle Arti di Budapest. Segue nel pomeriggio la visita guidata alla chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, conosciuta come la “Cappella Sistina” di Milano.

Data: 26/01/2016
Luogo incontro: Hotel Metropole

Visita al suggestivo Hotel a 5 stelle con degustazione di una cioccolata calda e prelibatezze veneziane

Data: 28/01/2016
Luogo incontro: Ospdale Civile Ss. Giovanni e Paolo

Guided tour with a volunteer of the association of the Saletta della Musica, now owned by IRE. Part of the building complex called “Ospedaletto” founded in 1572 to accommodate orphan,  abandoned or sick children. The room was arranged by Matteo Lucchesi and painted by Jacopo Guarana, with the collaboration of trompe l’oeil painter Agostino Mengozzi Colonna. Here was taking place, the final concert of the year of the girls living in the institute.

Data: 03/02/2016
Luogo incontro: Museo Correr

Visita guidata, da una volontaria dell’Associazione, alle sale del Museo Correr, già appartamento della famiglia reale, appena restaurate e magistralmente riallestite con le opere di Antonio Canova. In mostra anche un prezioso servizio in “vermeille” appartenuto al Canova, donato al Correr dal Comitato Francese per Venezia. A seguire le corti private dei Procuratori di S. Marco

Data: 11/02/2016
Luogo incontro: Chiesa di San Zulian

Visita guidata da una volontaria dell’Associazione all’antica chiesa di San Zulian, rimodernata nel XIV sec. su progetto di Jacopo Sansovino e Alessandro Vittoria e finanziata dal medico e filosofo ravennate Tommaso Rangone

Data: 25/02/2016
Luogo incontro: Museo Archeologico di Firenze

Al mattino visita guidata dal curatore Adriano Favaro alla mostra “Il mondo che non c’era. L’arte precolombiana nella collezione di Giancarlo Ligabue” allestita al Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze. Segue nel pomeriggio la visita guidata da un esperto al Museo dell’Opera del Duomo splendidamente restaurato e riallestito

Data: 29/02/2016
Luogo incontro: Chiesa di San Trovaso

Visita guidata da un volontario dell’Associazione alla chiesa di San Trovaso. Risalente al VII sec, l’interno è ad aula unica con cappelle laterali e soffitto a volta.
Nelle cappelle laterali sono conservate opere di Michele Gianbono, di Tintoretto, di Palma il Giovane, di Rocco Marconi e di scuola Veronesiana.

Data: 09/03/2016
Luogo incontro: Chiesa di San Cassiano

Visita guidata dai volontari dell’Associazione, ad una delle chiese tra le più antiche di Venezia,che conserva all’interno tre opere di Tintoretto. Si prosegue all’esterno con l’illustrazione del campo omonimo e di quello successivo di Santa Maria Mater Domini, ricco di curiosità storiche

Data: 16/03/2016
Luogo incontro: Palazzo Zabarella

Visita guidata alla mostra di Giovanni Fattori allestita in Palazzo Zabarella. Segue poi visita al cinquecentesco Palazzo Orsato Giusti del Giardino di proprietà del Prof. Giovan Battista Lanfranchi.

Data: 22/03/2016
Luogo incontro: Duomo di Mestre – Piazza Ferretto

Passeggiata guidata da una volontaria dell’Associazione al Duomo, alla Galleria Matteotti e alla rinnovata via Poerio di Mestre.

Trip 2016

Data: 22/05/2016 - 29/05/2016

1st Day. Sunday May 22: Venice – London
Arrive London where a guide will meet the party and accompany you to the city centre, viewing from the bus some of the principal monuments of the city – the Houses of Parliament, Bing Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the National Gallery.

2nd Day. Monday May 23: Sissinghurst Castle and Gardens – Leeds Castle
Depart for Tunbridge Wells for the visit to Sissinghurst Castle, picturesque and historic home situated in the Weald of Kent: the original Tudor mansion was built before 1550 – only the 4-storey Clock Tower survives. In 1930 the property was acquired by Victoria Sackville-West (descendant of the Sackwilles of Knole Palace) who transformed the property into the gardens we admire today, famous for the rose garden. Visit the studio of the writer in the Tower where you see the Press which proceed the first editions of the famous publishing house Hogarth Press.
In the afternoon proceed to Leeds Castle, described by Lord Conway as “the most enchanting castle in the world”. The original Norman fortress was built on two islands, transformed by Henry VIII, who lived there for long periods, into a royal residence far over 300 years. Do not miss the Banqueting Hall with its splendid ebony floor and ceiling in oak. The enormous park surrounding the palace encloses a wood, a labyrinth of 2400 yew trees, a grotto and the splendid aviary re-opened in 1988 with more than 100 species of birds.

3rd Day. Tuesday May 24: Knole Palace – Heyer Castle
Leave with Guide for Sevenoaks in the outskirts of London.
The first stop at Knole Palace, residence of Lord Sackville with its three inner courtyards and porticoes renowned as one of the finest homes in England. Commissioned by the Archbishop Bourchier of Canterbury in 1456 it became royal property during the reign of Henry VIII. Queen Elizabeth I ceded the palace to her cousin Thomas Saekville, first Earl of Dorset, who enlarged it in 1603, since then it has remained scarcely changed. The magnificent rooms of the palace, which include the royal bedroom, the ballroom and the apartment of the Venetian Ambassador house a renowned art collection. On Tuesdays Lord Sackville opens his private garden to the public.
Proceed to another stately home in Kent, Hever Castle. Dating back to the XIII-XV centuries, but restored in Gothic style after 1840.
Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, passed her early years here an ambitious woman, dissolute and of outstanding beauty, she challenged her sister for the King’s affections. Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon against the wishes of the Pope in order to marry the beautiful Anne Boleyn, by whom he had Elizabeth, daughter never recognized. Attracted by yet another woman, Anne Boleyn was accused by her husband of adultery and incest and was beheaded in 1536.
Henry VIII imprisoned and exiled all Boleyn’s family and confiscated Hever Castle. On the death of Henry VIII his son Edward VI succeeded but died at the age of 16 years. There followed the sister Edward, Mary, famously known as Bloody Mary because she vainly tried to revive Catholicism in England, ferociously executing 300 religious opponents. Thereafter followed Elizabeth I with whom the country enjoyed a period of great irresistible economic ana cultural development.

4th Day. Wednesday May 25: London – Calais (by Eurostar train) – CABOURG to DUAVILLE
Leave rooms to go to St. Pancras station for departure by Eurostar London – Calais (about an hour). On arrival at Calais met by GT bus and guide. Leave for Deauville Lunch in restaurant during visit. Along the route various stops to admire the spectacular eliffs long the Alabaster coast.
Arrive in Deauville, an elegant town which since the beginning of the XX century has been frequented by personalities such as Coco Chanel who opened a boutique here in 1913 and by members of royal, houses, industrialists and politicians from all over the world such as Winstron Churchill.

5th Day. Thursday May 26: The Normandy Landing Beaches: St. Malo
The day is dedicated to the spectacular D-Day landings which opened the route for liberation of Europe from the Nazi forces commanded by Hitler.
Lunch in restaurant during the visit to Arromanches where the largest floating dock in history was created and the American cemetery of Colleville and Omaha Beach were located. Continue to St. Malo walled city of the corsairs, perfectly conserved, one of the most romantic destinations in France.

6th Day. Friday may 27: Mont st Michel – St. Malo
Leave to visit splendid Abbey of Mont. St Michel situated on a rocy island in a magnificent bay, scene of the highest tides in continental Europe. The Mont and its bay were designated World Heritape Site by UNESCO in 1979. Visit the Abbey – free time to visit the citadel. Proceed to Concale for lunch of locally caught fish.
Return to St. Malo for visit to the town.

7th Day. Saturday May 28: St. Malo – Chartres – Paris
Depart for Paris. En route stop at CHARTRES to visit the Cathedral – one of the most important Catholic monuments.
The Cathedral of Chartres was built in the city of that name in north-west Prance, 95 kms, south west of Paris: it is considered to be one of the most important Gothic cathedrals. Over the centuries various religious buildings were founded in the vicinity of the cathedral beginning with pagan sanctuary. The present cathedral was constructed at the behest of Bishop Fulberto in the XI century after a disastrous fire which destroyed the building then under construction.
It is believed that the cathedral of Chartres was built at the behest and power of the Templers who used their technical and esoteric competence in its construction. The sizeable building rich in details which are inspired by mathematical and geometrical details reminiscent of the alchemy of early cultures.
The cathedral was constructed with the collaboration of many: the King, bishops. Artisans, workmen under the export direction of architects who were masters of secret age-old techniques. The architecture is extremely interesting and complex measuring 130 meters in length, 32 meters in width, while the nave measures 74 meters long by 16,40 meters wide: there are 200 statues in the Choir and 176 windows.

8th Day. Sunday May 29: Paris – Venice.
Morning free for individual visit to road city museums.Late afternoon transfer to airport.


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