The Education Section started its activities in 1976, since the establishment of the Association, with the aim of introduce young people to the historical and artistic heritage of the city and to promote the museum as a place of discovery making them wish to return there. With experience and methodology it offers educational tours in museums, churches, schools and great town exhibitions.


Awakening and bringing young people, in a direct and effective way,  closer to the historical and artistical Venetian heritage.
Stimulating observation and involvement to learn about the history of the area, its artistic world and institutions, such as museums, foundations and buildings that preserve its masterpieces.
Encouraging the return of young people to “Museum”.



The routes in museums and other historical buildings take place through the exhibition’s halls with explanation of the artifacts, architectures and urban environment.
The external routes develop the historical aspect  of the town and the islands of Venice.
The total duration of the visit can vary from one to two hours and at the end some informative material is delivered to the teacher to be revised in the classroom.
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Since 2002 the Association started a fruitful collaboration with the Faculty of Arts of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, which was ratified with a convention authorizing the Association to involve students in its guided tours.
The convention is achieved through
stages during which students are supervised by members of the Association throughout the training and cultural assistance in order to provide them with the specific skills necessary to accompany students, members and groups of  citizens in guided tours of museums and other city institutions .
For further information please write to or contact the office  Orientation, Stage and Placement of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.